Getting Inspired Again

Look, i am not a good story teller, but I wanted a place for me to share how I am feeling about my current projects, makeup and Up coming plans in general. So I think I am going to try to blog and maybe vlog on my YouTube channel.

I have problems with commitment to my YouTube channel, among other things. I want a place where people can explore new techniques with me and we can grow and share as a community. Masks have been a real spark for me lately because I started selling them on Etsy and people seem to really like them! I want to explore new ways of creating them and some day I would love to have enough inventory to go to Sinister Creature con as a Booth! Then work my way up the chain to larger conventions. This is tricky though, I suck with money. I CANT SAVE TO SAVE MY LIFE! Hopefully I can Start.

This is going to be a ramble mess because I have so many feelings about my work as of late. I look at my Instagram and I LOVE the way it looks, but I find myself comparing to others and it sucks because then I spiral and I don't create, and when I don't create then I don't get better. Oh boy, what a cycle. But In the last few days I have purchase alginate for casting and its lit a fire under my ass to sculpt something bad ass. A friend of mine that I have known for the last 7 years will be leaving soon, it saddens me deeply because this was the one person at my work that actually loves Halloween and all its glory as much as me. I am creating a custom clown mask for her and the sculpt is turning out beautiful. I want to make it as special as possible and that's why I bought this alginate to help me cast the mold to create amazing detail. I'm just scared to fuck it all up.

Here is the mask so far, Still have to work on the details and smoothing everything out, but damn, I love it.

I will be filming my first time using Alginate for the above mask. So wish me luck...

Stay Spooky Friends,